Pregnancy and Postpartum Coaching

There is a lack of knowledge in the fitness industry regarding how to properly coach pregnant and postpartum women.

Think about it, how much education did you receive about working with pregnant and or postpartum women either in school or through your coaching certifications?  Did they talk about the pelvic floor?  How about specific issues that women face with training?

Did you know that the risk of leaking actually goes up during and after pregnancy?  How about some of these other common issues pregnant and postpartum women face?

- Diastasis Recti (splitting of abdominal muscles)
- Prolapse (pelvic floor contents pushing out through the vaginal wall)
- Umbilical Hernia (stomach contents pushing out through the stomach wall)

Arm yourself with the proper tools to be the hero in your athlete's journey through pregnancy and the postpartum period.

This course goes way beyond the basics as we equip you with the skills to successfully coach pregnant and postpartum women. This course is jampacked with practical application, handouts, exercise tutorials and lectures turning complicated topics into simple solutions. 

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