Free Minicourse: Pregnancy and Postpartum Coaching

Dr. Dan Pope and Dr. Sarah Duvall teach the best methods and modifications for coaching pregnant and postpartum women


Words Like "Pregnancy" and "Pelvic Floor" Often Scare Coaches

Which is why anyone coaching women should learn more!

There is a general lack of knowledge in the fitness industry regarding pregnancy and postpartum, especially when it comes to preventing core and pelvic floor issues or coaching through them.

It makes many coaches uncomfortable and even scared to work with pregnant and postpartum women. The last thing a fitness coach wants to do is hurt a woman or her baby. 

When faced with a pregnant or postpartum athlete, there are many challenges running through our heads:

  • Should women continue to lift throughout their pregnancy? 
  • Do things need to change as pregnancy progresses?
  • Bladder leaking is a problem, right?
  • Diastasis is a thing but I can't remember why...

We don't want to look incompetent to our athletes. Women can see right through an uncertain coach, breeding a lack of trust and loss of clients. 

Don't worry constantly about hurting women or being sued! Simply learn what you need to know. 

Incorrect programming can cause prolapse and worsening diastasis during pregnancy and postpartum. Learning a few simple guidelines on when to modify or cue can make all the difference for your athlete! 

What You'll Learn in This Free Minicourse

Pressure Regulation

Help athletes manage and regulate pressure through proper breathing while lifting

Exercise Modifications

Learn how and why we modify exercises for pregnant and postpartum athletes

Pelvic Floor Health

Understand best practices for pelvic floor dysfunction, prolapse, diastasis and leaking

Meet Your Guides

Dan Pope DPT, OCS, CSCS, CF L1

Dan is a Doctor of Physical Therapy, Orthopedic Clinical Specialist, Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist and a Crossfit L1 Certified coach. Dan helps athletes achieve peak performance and prevent injuries through his site


Dan has been that coach uncomfortable with pregnant and postpartum women. It sucks, no one wants to feel incapable or worried that they could potentially hurt someone.


Dr. Sarah Ellis Duvall PT, DPT, CPT, CNC

Sarah is a Doctor of Physical Therapy and a Certified Personal Trainer with almost 20 years of experience. Sarah focuses on core and pelvic floor recovery for pregnant and postpartum women through her site

Sarah sees preventable pregnancy and postpartum issues all too often and has devoted her career to helping women and educating professionals on women's health. 

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